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What is Supra and how do I get it?

• Supra is a lockbox program that multiple listing services (MLSs) around the country utilize to help simplify and track licensed REALTORS® who access properties for showings.

• To purchase a Supra key or lockbox, go to one of our 4 service center locations. 

What are the BeachesMLS (BMLS) Supra rules?

• REALTORS® must have an active real estate license and be a participant (broker) or subscriber (sales associate) with BMLS in order to use the Supra system.

• Each REALTOR® is assigned their own key (Activekey® or eKEY®) with a private pin number for their use only.

• Sharing Supra keys or giving someone else your pin is PROHIBITED

This rule can be found in compliance guidlines section 4.d. • Remember, even your
office assistant, fellow sales associate, or broker cannot use your Supra key for any reason!

• Accessing the lockbox without following the proper showing instructions can also result in a fine. This rule can be found in compliance guidlines section 4.a.
Always be sure to check the instructions and schedule a showing prior to going to the property.

• To report Supra key misuse... Email the compliance department at or call 561.727.2782

What are the penalties for Supra misuse?

• For sharing your Supra key, there is up to a $5,000 fine per occurrence.

• Accessing a property without following the showing instructions is a $1,000 fine per occurrence. 

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  • How do I obtain a new eKEY™ authorization code?

    Do you need a new authorization code? Perhaps for your new phone? Click here

  • Is your eKEY™ fob flashing RED?

    The eKEY™ fob comes with 1 or 2 lithium coin batteries (CR 2016 or CR 2032) and must be replaced when the red LED flashes. Batteries are available at any RAPB BMLS location BASED ON AVAILABILITY ─ Please contact us in advance for confirmation at 561-727-2777. For Apple devices, the fob will also need to be paired again. View Instructions

  • Do I need my eKEY™ fob for all showings?

    Yes. Your eKEY™ and eKEY™ fob work TOGETHER to unlock lockboxes. Please bring BOTH devices to all showings.

  • Do I need cell phone coverage for the eKEY™ to work?

    No. Cell phone coverage is NOT required.

  • How often does Supra update?

    For security purposes, Supra issues a new update code daily. If an update is received at 9AM, it is good until midnight that day. Android & Blackberry phones receive the daily update automatically from Supra between midnight & 6AM. iphones require a manual update. This is accomplished by simply opening up the eKEY™ app while in cell phone range or Wi-Fi coverage area. The update will process in 3-5 seconds.

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