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Realtors Association of Palm Beaches

RAPB Affiliate Membership

RAPB has over 15,000 REALTOR® members and is the 6th largest association in the country and 2nd largest in the state of Florida. Currently, we have four locations in Palm Beach and St. Lucie County to serve our members and conduct educational seminars, training and events. As our affiliate, you have access to network and educate these members about your services.  After joining you will be notified via email regarding all of our events and are welcome to attend to gain insight and network with our REALTOR® members.
Time and again, buyers and sellers call upon their REALTOR® for guidance regarding home remodeling, financial resources, dining and everything in between. Ultimately, people trust a REALTORS® Choice! 

A few of the Membership Benefits you can expect:

  •   Brand positioning
  •   Networking 
  •   Referral resource 
  •   Sponsorship, trade shows
  •   Opportunities for live and online video presentations
  •   Opportunity to serve on select RAPB committees
  •   Chance to win the Annual Affiliate of the Year or Company of the Year Awards   

Clarification for FAQs

  • TC levels are applicable for affiliates that would like to target the Treasure Coast (St Lucie Division exclusively).
  • Affiliate Membership year is February 1st through January 31st
  • Additional Non-billable Memberships can be purchased for $50 each.
  • Diamond & Platinum Membership observes a “non-compete” of company type and/or locale.

Affiliate Membership Levels & Benefits*

*TC Silver
*TC Bronze
Associate non-billable members 20 12 10 8 6 5 2
Register your name & company profile in our Affiliate Directory X X X X X X X
Learn & network in our classes & events X X X X TC Only X TC Only
Weekly Marketing Meetings X X X X X
Opportunity to sponsor classes & events X X X X TC Only X TC Only
Affiliate Marketing Material In Designated Areas X X X X TC Only X TC Only
Exposure to Palm Beach County (approx. 11,000+) & Treasure Coast (approx. 3,000) Realtors® X X X X TC Only X TC Only
Company name on classroom and office announcement boards

X X TC Only
Company logo on classroom and office announcement boards
X X     TC Only    
Logo (linked to firm website) and contact name/info on Affiliate page of X X X X X
Contact roster of all New Member Orientation Classes (no email) X X
Company logo (linked to website) on scrolling banner, homepage X X X X X
Free table at Lunch on the House events
X X X $60 $60 $70 $70
Admission to Annual Presidential Installation Banquet & Special Recognition Dining Program
4 $ $ $ $ $
Vendor Table at Annual Trade Show (Pricing structure TBD) Comp Comp $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
Premium positioning for Annual Trade Show (Pricing structure TBD)
Recognition at Annual Membership Meeting (Mentioning during meeting and in program) X X X X X
Room Rentals (4hr) - one per month (must be scheduled at least one month prior) X X $ $ $ $ $
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RCA Affiliate Membership


REALTORS® Commercial Alliance (RCA) Affiliate Membership

Please click on the links below for an overview of our membership benefits and application. If you have any questions, please contact Belinda Krause at 561-727-2773 or

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