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RAPB’s Government Affairs caucuses produce Policy Positions on an annual basis and review them throughout the year to endure they remain current and relevant to the needs of our membership and the homeowners they represent. Goals and positions stated in this document are generally County and locally-oriented; State and National policy are decided by Committees at those levels, and RAPB members are well-represented there, too. The documents below represent the concerns and priorities our members feel are most crucial to maintaining a climate of stability and integrity within our communities, preserving property values and our ability to sell homes.

  • The School Concurrency Plan in Palm Beach County must coincide with the Florida Realtors® position and be compliant with Florida law in order to successfully maintain and balance an adequate level of service with future growth.
  • Real Estate transactions and ownership should not be unfairly burdened with taxation and costs.
  • Equal housing opportunities must be available for all people.
  • Comprehensive insurance reform is necessary for the property owners of Palm Beach County.
  • Comprehensive property tax reform is necessary for all property owners of Palm Beach County.
  • Bank holding companies and national bank financial subsidiaries should not engage in real estate brokerage and management services.
  • Increases in real estate transaction closing costs will have an adverse effect on the ability to increase home ownership.
  • Due to concern for consumer protection, real estate offices must be located within an area properly zoned, including, but not limited to, developments; homeowner associations; and other real estate resale offices in recreational or civic areas.
  • Elected officials’ districts should remain in one county in order to ensure better representation.
  • Non-native plant eradication must be handled on a regional or state level with the regulators shouldering private property owner’s financial burden.
  • Affordable housing should be encouraged by offering developers incentives to build low-cost housing and by creating and maintaining subsidies and grants for builders and homebuyers.
  • Palm Beach County does not need a countywide strong mayor.
  • In order to attract new and expand existing Palm Beach County businesses, linkage fees should not be charged on non-residential development.
  • Affordable housing resale control policies should include a mechanism to allow a homeowner at the time of sale to receive a financial benefit in proportion to the incentive originally offered.
  • A comprehensive master plan for the undeveloped Everglades Agricultural Area is needed to ensure smart growth in Palm Beach County.
  • Local governments should hold the line on spending and not increase their millage rates; nor increase other local government taxes, fees or assessments to offset mandated reductions in property taxes.
  • RAPB supports a registration process to assist the municipalities in combating neighborhood blight only if there is a lis pendens filed by the mortgagee on the property, it is determined to be vacant and abandoned and the fee is $150 or less to be paid by that mortgagee.
  • RAPB opposes a Fire Rescue Sales Tax.
  • RAPB supports a privately owned, operated and maintained passenger rail service between cities in Florida.
  • RAPB supports the elimination of the Sales Tax on Commercial Leases in the State of Florida.

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