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Government Affairs ─ Ways to Get Involved

Calls for Action

Several times a year, NAR or our State leadership will issue “Calls for Action” that encourage all members to contact their legislators on an important topic and make sure the interests of homeowners and REALTORS® are protected. When there’s an active Call to Action, you’ll see it here as well as receive notifications in your email and messages from your broker.  Past calls have included important topics like Flood Insurance Reform, and are very often successful in delivering our message to Washington. Visit our GA/RPAC Events Page for any current Calls for Action.

REALTOR® Mobile Action Network

Receive text message reminders/alerts from NAR to stay up-to-date on Call for Actions including election updates. NAR has now gathered permission from enough REALTORS® where they will be experimenting with text message alerts. Please see the link below to register – it’s easy and only takes 30 seconds.  

Join the REALTOR® Mobile Action Network

Enter your mobile phone number and your name in the space below to start receiving NAR action alerts. NAR will send you short text messages when we need your help. It's not a Call for Action, but rather a way to alert you to an impending CFA or to connect you with your Member of Congress for an instant call to relay vital information to him or her. If you have questions about the Mobile Action Network, please contact


RAPB is a member-driven organization, and our success in pursuing legislative goals depends on you, the member to take an active role. We have two Government Affairs Caucuses, one in each County, and they meet separately on a regular basis to work on issues in the Counties and Municipalities in those areas, and together to coordinate on regional, state, and National issues with each other, our District 3 partner Associations, and State and National Government Affairs teams.

Our Candidate Screening panels are a good example of one of the important functions of our Government Affairs operations; volunteer members who have received special training and are screened for impartiality and knowledge of the issues sit down with candidates for local office before each election and ask them the tough questions. These screening sessions ensure that the candidates we recommend to our membership for support have been carefully selected for their commitment to Realtor and homeowner-friendly policies and consistency with our organizations’ values. Members from across the organization are welcome to serve as screeners, and will normally be paired with races in their local area.

A similar structure is the foundation for our RPAC fundraising committee, with members in both our Counties working on local events and fundraisers and coming together to make decisions as to how your RPAC investments are spent locally on the RPAC Trustees group. This group is made up of members from across our territory and considers recommendations from the caucuses to determine what’s in the best interest of our membership, then refers them to the Board of Directors.

 If you’re interested in getting involved and making a commitment to your profession by serving on a Government Affairs committee, please contact Matthew Leger or Bryce Sartory for more information

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