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Government Affairs

Government Affairs Team

RAPB's Government Affairs Team is dedicated to protecting YOU, your profession and business. We utilize several different committees and coalitions and full-time staff professionals to effectively and efficiently achieve this goal such as lobbying against legislative and regulatory proposals that can negatively impact our real estate industry. Our robust Government Affairs Program also includes:

■   Monitoring municipalities, Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties, and school boards
■   An active Government Affairs Committee
■   History of setting record RPAC fundraising goals
■   A Key Contact Program at the state and national level
■   Political candidate screening
■   REALTOR® voter registration drives
■   Call-to-action website for local, state and national issues

REALTOR® representation in government is critical to creating and maintaining the most positive environment for our industry. We encourage you to become a politically active and informed REALTOR®, and join us as we continue to protect your livelihood. When informed REALTORS® speak their minds, lawmakers listen.

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